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Trailer – Much Too Young: The Untold Story of Young Caregivers & Alzheimer’s

Much Too Young is a documentary, airing on TVO Sept 21st 2017 at 9pm, that follows young adult children from three families as they deal with the challenges of caring for parents living with early onset Alzheimer’s


What does it mean to be a young adult caring for an ailing parent? Much Too Young is a powerful and unflinching look at four families struggling to cope with an unexpected role reversal – and the complications that come with caring for a parent with early onset Alzheimers at a startlingly young age.

There are over 564,000 Canadians living with dementia and about 16,000 Canadians under the age of 65 who have the disease. Each year, 25,000 more Canadians are diagnosed with dementia. In less than 15 years, almost a million Canadians will be impacted.

Many of these families have children who are taking on significant
responsibilities as young caregivers putting their own lives on hold and facing enormous challenges in isolation and without support.
Kathryn, Aurelie, Kathleen and Chris are between the ages of thirteen and twenty-seven.

Their situations are all unique, yet they all face the tests of anyone else their age, as they move through school, work and their social lives. And they all have something in common; they each have a parent whose memories and ability to raise their children has been taken from them at an early age.

Much Too Young follows each of these young people and their families as they try to find their youthful identities; while at the
same time coping with their lives at home, caring for an ailing parent.


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